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Electronic Administration for Your Old and New Home when Moving Abroad

What is Project DeltaAgent?

Moving (domestically or internationally), change of any personal data is an important thing in your life but the administration connected to it is usually annoying and needs some kind of experience to do it properly. We are working on an international platform to help people keep their contracted parties updated with the changes.

How does it work?

We establish online channels between utility or service providers (like insurance companies, telecommunication rms and banks) or even for loyalty program organisers and the users. When something changes, registered users can notify them without lling out the various forms. We even diminish language barriers when moving abroad as the platform is becoming a multilanguage hub for data change communi- cation.

Where is it available?

We have launched in Hungary with over 100 partners available to communicate with. That helps even the roughly 60.000 expats coming to Hungary as they can ll out their forms in English which are then submitted in Hungarian. We are working on to expand all across Europe in 2016.

Why is it beneficial?

It saves time for both sides. Eliminates the lling out of various forms, the communication becomes online. With one click on the send button, users can update all their parters at the same time. Partnering service providers have an up-to-date database of their customers without the need to spend time with sitting down with the customers to change data. Everyone wins.