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Introducing eGov Ltd.

About Us

eGov Ltd.

eGov Consulting Ltd. was established in the summer of 2002 with the provision of providing professional services to the implementation of e-government in Hungary.


By working in the Office of Hungarian Prime Minister - the key organization in the development - for years, founders of eGov Consulting Ltd. have long endeavored on the evolvement of e-government in Hungary. During these years, they were responsible for the creation of more than 150 developments and studies. They helped the implementation of projects with the total of more than 6 billion HUF, working in line with several international consulting, producing and system integrating companies.

Due to their former experience, employees at eGov are well acquainted with the characteristics of public administration and area-specific projects, alongside with the special circumstances and laws that apply to this sector.

Beyond the personal references, the now 9 year-old company has so far gained remarkable additional references. The focal points of our activity: participation in the creation of e-governmental services in central and local public administrative organizations; technical consultation for the topics of the reform of public administration, administration management, legal regulation and strategy formulation.


Mission of eGov Consulting Ltd. is to provide professional consulting services in the combined field of law and info-communication to support creation of sector-specific IT-strategies, concepts and studies as well as implementation of public administration projects.