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Quality Statement

To pledge our dedication to quality, in November 2009, eGov Ltd. gained ISO 9001:2009 standard certificate. Our business process consulting activity is minutely regulated by our Quality management rule book, which we keep constantly updated to meet newly emerging customer needs and business trends.

eGov Ltd. is certified by CertUnion Ltd. ISO quality management system guarantees that eGov always meets the customers’ expectations of high standard, reliable professional services.


Excerpt from our

Quality Management Rule Book


"To realize our aspirations to maintain and increase market position in the constantly, dynamically expanding market segment, eGov Consulting Ltd. has introduced an effective quality management system that guarantees standard high level, correct and ever-developing services along with customer satisfaction.

For a customer is most important to us, we understand our customers’ and business partners’ satisfaction as primary quality indicator. Our endeavors aim at totally satisfying customer needs, in turn, we place a special emphasis on flexible, quick and polite way of communication and design of our corporate profile, featured on the documentations. Our work is greatly built on IT solutions, and we believe technological novelties not only increase working quality standard, but make it more effective and efficient for the mutual satisfaction of customers and staff.

Quality prevails in every facet of our business process consulting activity, whether being at the desk or meeting the customer, and we run internal processes with that in mind as well. Our commitment to continuous quality management system development is omnipresent in the everyday working routine; we strive to improve and become more professional all the time. In turn, development is a real priority for us.

We expect all our employees’ contribution to the company’s success with personal responsibility and technical expertise. Being a successful company involves social responsibility: with a pro-environmental mindset, eGov Ltd. tries to rationalize the use of non-renewable resources during our activity. To accomplish this aim, we compose our written final products with the minimal amount of printed documentations, yet maintaining high quality.
The keys to achieve these quality objectives and remain a successful, competitive company are our professional HR-base and – keeping the pace set by technological development – efficient use of appliances when providing services. Company organization, but above all, our commitment provides the necessary background to achieve quality results with optimal combination of resources and the highest customer satisfaction all the time.
Our staff must comply with the rules of our quality management system in their work. However, we do not stop at that: for our aim is true commitment, eGov ensures that every employee understands our policy toward quality management and actively contributes to its practical realization.

Customer loyalty guarantees trust. Look at our references to see the institutions that have already chosen eGov.
Find us in the Directory of ISO Certified Companies (www.imcc.hu) as well."