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Andrea Bálint

I graduated from the Teacher’s training College in 2001, but I decided to change my carrier at that time. I started to do it after receiving my degree and I registered in the College of Kodolányi János, where I gained important knowledge on majoring of PR, at the Department of Communication. I had already worked for a construction company as an assistant for 10 years of course. It became necessary to do my job to learn public procurement and that’s why I get this degree of public procurement. But I thristed for knowledge still yet, and my field interest extended I registered in the Foundational School of ”Századvég”, where I get acquinted with political communication. I worked for a short time-just for 1 year – at the sector of catering, where I participated in the establishment of a catering unit and its operation.

I got a job in eGov Consulting Ltd. by a lucky chance, and I’m happy with this. I work as an assistant and does the customer service as well, and these roles make me happy, because I get in touch with lot of people through the projects and with the collegues in the office, as well.

I spend my spare time with my family and friends, trying to relax actively, hiking with friends usually, however, music and reading are the important parts of my recreation.