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Gábor Kleinheinz

I graduated from the Technical University of Budapest in 1998 in electrical engineering. In 2004, I took a supplementary degree in law in the Institute of Post-graduate Legal Studies of ELTE. From 1998, I worked for the Prime Minister’s Office in the Organisational Unit that was responsible for the governmental IT coordination. Later, in 2000, I was head of the e-Government department in the Government IT Commissioner’s Office. This was the time when the first government portal was started together with the unified Electronic Governmental Backbone Network. I am a founding father of the Magyary Zoltán Association for e-Administration Sciences (2005) where now I hold membership of the Presidency. This is a professional workshop where we carry out theoretical and historical background research, with the aim of establishing e-Government as a solid discipline.

My partners and I started eGov Consulting Ltd. in 2002, with a professional focus on the thematic and sector-specific issues of electronic public administration. Our aim was to resolve multiple problems crossing over professional, legal and information technology areas. I am responsible for the general management activities of the company, and also participate in defining the targets and mapping out the solutions of our different projects.

In my free time, I like reading, reflecting and contemplating. As for sport activities, I prefer swimming. I am married and since 26th May 2009, I also have a beautiful daughter.