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Péter Csengő

After graduating from the University of Miskolc in Computer Science and Engineering in 1999., I started my professional career in a research institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where I was basically involved in technical activities as a software designer and developer, mainly in projects for industrial measuring techniques and process control, until the spring 2001. Subsequently I joined the e-Government Department of the IT Government Commissioner of the Prime Minister’s Office. In the following 2.5 years, I participated in central IT development projects as a Client Side Project Manager. During this time I got involved in public administration IT projects, gaining insight into their characteristics, as well as an understanding of the development issues of electronic public administration. I joined eGov Consulting Ltd. in 2003 as a consultant, and later I became senior consultant.

As Senior Consultant I can make extensive use of my professional and management experience gained in administration and in different development projects during the past ten years. My main areas of activity are planning e-Administration services, managing development projects, as well as controlling and supervising my colleagues working on these projects. Beyond fair professional contact, I endeavour to establish good human relationship with my colleagues, because, in my opinion, the team can be most efficient only if both these levels work well.

I am happily married and with three children, Emma, Ákos and Bánk. When not working, I try to spend most of my spare time with my family. I like gardening and I am an amateur wine-grower. I love hill-walking in the Bükk hills, and try to get together with my friends.