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Hungarian courts currently provide online information on companies registered in Hungary in Hungarian. However, in international business relations it could be essential to be able to access the data of companies operating in Hungary (eg. the tax number, registered capital of the company, data related to the right of representation) in other languages as well.

Our company has therefore launched a service by means of which company information related to Hungarian companies is made available in foreign languages as well : English, German and French. (Naturally, the company information is available through our service in Hungarian as well.)

Within the framework of the service, the requested company information is sent primarily via email, in .pdf format to the email address given at registration, as well as to the user account accessible under To ensure the integrity of data, the requested document is signed with an advanced electronic signature, but a copy is also attached without an electronic signature.

In certain cases, eg. in administrative or court procedures, it may be necessary to have the data as an official translation. Our company aims to fulfill this need as well, therefore, we are prepared to provide the requested company information in an official translation made by an authorized translator as well, currently only in a paper format, sent via mail.

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