Development of Information Technology Strategy


The information technology strategy of an institution is a document defining the guidelines, areas and tasks for a certain period (usually mid-term and long-term) represented by the institution for the creation of the IT background necessary for the information management and task management of the different scope of duties of the given institution and held important to be implemented in order to meet the targets of the institution.

The information technology strategy defines IT related tasks and aims based on the actual IT situation of the institution or system of institutions in harmony with their scope of tasks, mission, general strategic visions and priorities. The strategy also plans the schedules of tasks in broad lines – paying attention to their connectedness and sequence.

The information strategy can refer to one institution exclusively, or e.g. in the case of a municipality, for the whole extended system of institutions. For municipalities it is more practical to choose the latter solution with a view to display tasks that promote cooperation in order to achieve the common goals. According to demand the detailed action plan will also be drawn up, this includes the tasks supporting the implementation of the strategy broken down in the quarterly periods as well as the financial estimates.