Hungarian Post Office Ltd.


2014 – Hungarian Post Office Ltd.

In respect of the ‘Postal Agora’ project funded by EKOP, prepared summarising studies on practices and trends in postal services as well as on public administration developments in Hungary and the European Union to be considered for the enhancement of Agora services. In addition, offered consultancy and expertise support.

2014 – Hungarian Post Office Ltd.

Provided expert consultancy for the beneficiary of the high-priority project EKOP-1.2.23 titled ‘Hybrid postal delivery and conversion system’ to ensure compliance with the technical requirements and the eligibility criteria for EU funding.

2012- Hungarian Post Office Ltd.

In the preparatory phase of the projects titled ‘Hybrid postal delivery and conversion system’ and ‘Postal Agora’, with available funding of 3.250 billion HUF and 500 million HUF as specified in the 2011-2013 annual action plan for the Electronic Administration Operational Programme (EKOP) respectively, provided project management support and expert consultancy to ensure compliance with EKOP standards. Coordinated participation from postal departments in the projects titled ‘Development of the interoperable IT infrastructure of integrated customer services’ and ‘Creation of certified postal address registers in the convergence regions’.

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