Other Refences


2013 – Pillér Financial and Computing Ltd.

Provided expert consultancy, created a detailed feasibility study, and participated in compiling the project data sheet during preparation of the proposal for the high-priority project ‘ASP System Supporting Central and Other Public Procurement and Procurement Processes’.

2011 – Suburban Health Service of the Budapest Capital 16th District Local Government

Developed a performance measurement system based on Balanced Scorecard methodology for the Suburban Health Service of the 16th District, an institution operated and financed by the Budapest Capital 16th District Local Government (including theoretical groundwork, IT developments, and implementation support).

2011 – VÁTI Nonprofit Ltd.

Composing the study introducing an operational model of a registration system for the unified electronic public works and route line (e-utilities).

Creating an option for the financial model of the e-utilities, drawing a study demonstrating the model.

2010 – VÁTI Nonprofit Ltd.

Study on the financing possibilities of the establishment and maintenance of the single national e-record system of public utilities

2010 – National Development Agency

Consultation and study on the implementation of the EU Services Directive and municipal ASPs

2010 – Budapest Capital 1st District Local Government (Budavár)

In the project called ’Modernisation and extension of the check-in system in Budavár’: composition of the technical requirement appendix (as part of the tender document), general professional and technical quality assurance

2010 – Local Government of Miskolc Town with County Rights

As main contractor of the State Reform Operative Program project called ’Modernisation of Public Service Functions and Improvement of the Efficiency of Public Administration Work at the Local Government of Miskolc Town with County Rights’: implementation of the 9 subprojects and project management

2010 – Budapest Capital 16th District Local Government

As part of the Organisation Development project ÁROP 3.A.1: review of the Saldo integrated financial management system in use; the framing of a single governmental controlling system; review of the organisational and operational rules (SZMSZ); proposals for the rationalisation of internal cooperation; the upload of the Project Monitoring System with pilot projects; training

2010 – Budapest Capital 16th district Local Government

As part of the Organisation Development project ÁROP 3.A.1: – consultancy on updating the organization and individual performance measurement system; conception and implementation plan for the reduction of total administration time

2010 – Budapest Capital 14th District Local Government (Zugló)

Medium-term IT strategy and action plan

2009 – Budapest Capitol 16th District Local Government

’Model  and Performance Measurement  with Strategic Indicators and Strategic Objective Support’ project: conceptional and system planning, development and implementation of the project, monitoring and analysis framework

2009 – Budapest Capitol 16th District Local Government
’Flexible Framework System for Register Generation’  Project: Conceptional and system planning, system development and implementation

2009 – Hungarian National Council of Justice

Complete tender documentation of ’Electronisation of the Public Administration Services’, ’Electronic relations’; an Electronic Administration Operative Programme 1.A.1 project for the Hungarian National Council of Justice

2008 - Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement

IRM (Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement): Comprehensive professional documentation, financial plans and cost-benefit analysis for the ECOP Key Project proposal

2008 – Hungarian Patent Office

Drawing up the total application document and, financial planning. for the “Quality  and Organisational Development of the Comprehensive Authenticated e-filing and Information system” Organisational Development project, a State Reform Key Operative Project of Hungarian Patent Office

2008 - Kopint Datorg Plc.

Kopint-Datorg Plc., Electronic  Public Administration Operative Programme, „e-Archives” key project. Evaluation and technical advice on the Feasibility Study and the Technical  Requirement Supplement

2008- CompLex Publisher Ltd.

Production of Sample Contracts and PDF-based Smart Forms for electronic company procedures (applications for registration and modification)

2007 – Municipality of District XVI. 

Strategy for organizational development and information technology

2007 – eGov Ltd.

E-trade portal, offering (authenticated of simple) translations of certain documents of the Hungarian company register (2006-2007) against payment: www.companyregister.hu

2007 – Complex Publishing House 

Set of XML based smart forms for procedures of company registering and announcing changes thereof

2007 - Hungarian National Council of Justice

Participation in BIIR operation, provision of support services for unlimited time in the field of preparation of public procurement procedures

2007 – National Transport Authority

Documentation of the management processes of the National Transport  Authority supported by GJM system (management  flowchart plan)

2007 - Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement

Foundation study (preliminary feasibility study) for the preparation of the “Key project for quality legislation”

2007 – Hungarian Patent Office

Development of e-forms for the electronic office routine/administration

2007 – Municipality of District XVI.

Introduction of e-signature, organizational and regulatory tasks for the introduction of electronic office routine/administration

2006 – Ministry of Informatics and Communication

Methodological guidelines for the municipalities within the implementation project of electronic office routine/administration ( on the basis of practical experiences, expertise and legal regulations)

2006 – Hungarian Patent Office

Development of functional specification for electronic trademark announcement as well as regulatory proposals

2006 – KFF

Development of information technology strategy in compliance with the EKK instructions of the Prime Minister’s Office

2006 – Esztergom Municipality

Assessment of 20 authority and other office/administration routines for the Municipality of Esztergom, development of regulation proposal. Elaboration of functional requirements

2006 – Municipality of District XII.

Assessment of 80 authority and other office/administration routines, development of regulation proposal. Elaboration of functional requirements

2006 – Ministry of Informatics and Communication

Development and downloading the IHM guideline entitled “ Movements and regulations of  authority electronic administration”

2006 – Prime Minister’s Office EKK

Development of the electronic payment model and its legal background, processing the international best practices

2006 – Mórahalom Small Region

Development of regulation proposal for the e-administration project, office routines, e-signature training

2006 – Ministry of Environment and Water

Introduction of e-signature in the field of environmental protection management

2006 – Hódmezővásárhely Local Government

Regulation proposal for the e-administration project

2005 – Csepel Local Government

Mapping the data-property of the municipality, providing methodology for the process

2005 – Tokaj Local Government

Participation in the development of the e-administration solution, consulting, implementation in Tokaj

2005 – Szombathely Local Government

PKI technology implementation for administration and office routines in Szombathely, consulting activities for the transformation of the local regulatory environment  according to e-administration requirements

2005 – Ministry of Health

Data protection legal consulting in the HEFOP 4.4 project of the Ministry of Health, downloading

2005 – Ministry of Informatics and Communication

Participation in the IHM regulation team  during the development of the regulations of the new Public Administration Law

2004 – Ministry of Health

Applicability of e-signature in public health – conception and  codified draft-regulation

2004 – Ministry of Informatics and Communication

Participation in the development of the basic conception of the interoperability framework system for the Hungarian public administration system: review of international models, preparation of the Hungarian model, downloading